2017 Festival Highlights


2017 Bear Trail

What a fun year for us! Over 60 bears were scattered amongst the village for a fabulous fortnight of events. 

This year's winning bears (and rabbits) were:

1st Place - Mr McGregor and those pesky rabbits

2nd Place - Beauty and the Beast

3rd Place (joint) - Sunbearland v Bearwich City, Mar Bear Lade and Teddy Long Legs

Children's Choice, chosen by the school council at Great Ellingham Primary School - Bare

See if you can spot the favourites in our gallery.

Family Fun Day and Village Events

This year kicked off with a super Quiz Night at the Rec Centre. The battle for winner was intense, but in the end victory went to team...

Opening day brought people near and far to the village for Garage Sale Day. More than 40 sales in yards and garages filled the village.